Last Rituals of Mahatma Gandhi

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This is clip from Mahatma Gandhi - Pilgrim Of Peace. It has the last rituals of Mahatma Gandhi, the great leader of India and is a heart touching one. You can see the narration & interview of few eminent persons including Daughter of Mountbatten.Take a look!

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06:40 02 Oct 2015 from firstpost

Lets not fret over Vijay Goels remark; nobody can usurp Mahatma Gandhis legacy

How would have Mahatma Gandhi reacted to Vijay Goel's attempt to compare him with Prime Minister Narendra Modi?One instance should give us a fair idea. In January 1947, while he was walking through a village in Noakhali, where Hindus and Muslims...

04:50 02 Oct 2015 from firstpost

Lessons in failure for athletes from Mahatma Gandhi

Having played junior competitive sports, I have always been intrigued by what drives success and how some of the greatest world beaters dealt with failure. In the current Indian context, "Failure" is a dreaded concept; to fail is shameful...

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