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03:50 20 Aug 2014 from firstpost

Nasa\'s Curiosity rover stalled by sand trap on Mars

Washington: Nasa's Mars rover Curiosity may have to find an alternative route to the base of a huge Red Planet mountain after the one-tonne robot got stuck in sand in the "Hidden Valley".Curiosity had been heading for Mount Sharp - a 5.5...

02:30 20 Aug 2014 from firstpost

NASA\'s Curiosity rover stuck in sand on Mars\' Hidden Valley

New York: NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity may have to find a new route to its destination Mount Sharp after getting stuck in sand in the Hidden Valley. The one-tonne Curiosity is on a mission to Mount Sharp, a 5.5 km high mountain in the centre of Mars'...

11:30 16 Aug 2014 from firstpost

Alien on moon? Nasa scientist says figure in video is just dust

New York: An image showing an alien walking on the moon is simply "dust, an eyelash or scratch on the negative" of the film that took the image, NASA has said.The video showing the alien on the moon was posted by YouTube user Wowforreel...

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