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01:21 27 Jan 2015 from Reuters

Commercial space rides for U.S. astronauts to save millions - NASA

By Irene KlotzCAPE CANAVERAL, Fla (Reuters) - The U.S. space program should save more than $12 million a seat flying astronauts to and from the International Space Station on commercial space taxis rather than aboard Russian capsules, the NASA...

04:22 26 Jan 2015 from firstpost

NASA probe indicates Vesta asteroid once had flowing water

Washington: One of the largest asteroids in our solar system - Vesta - may once have had flowing water which formed gullies and other erosion features on its surface, according to data from NASA's Dawn spacecraft.Vesta, visited by Dawn from 2011 to...

05:10 23 Jan 2015 from firstpost

NASA to build small helicopter to scout for future route for Mars rovers

Washington:NASA is working on a small helicopter that could fly ahead of future Mars rovers, checking out various possible points of interest and helping engineers back on Earth plan the best driving route.Each NASA rover has delivered a wealth of...

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