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05:11 30 Jul 2014 from Reuters

NASA\'s Mars rover sets off-Earth, off-road distance record

By Steve GormanLOS ANGELES (Reuters) - NASA's decade-old Mars rover Opportunity has set a new off-Earth, off-road distance record, logging just over 25 miles (40 km) on the surface of the Red Planet to surpass the benchmark set in 1973 by a Russian...

01:30 29 Jul 2014 from firstpost

NASA\'s Cassini spacecraft finds 101 geysers on icy Saturn moon

Washington: Scientists using mission data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft have identified 101 distinct geysers erupting on Saturn's icy moon Enceladus. Their analysis suggests it is possible for liquid water to reach from the moon's underground sea...

09:50 29 Jul 2014 from firstpost

Nasa\'s Opportunity rover breaks out-of-this-world distance record

Washington: The US space agency's Opportunity rover has now clocked more miles on Mars than any man-made vehicle to reach another celestial body, Nasa has said.Since arriving on the Red Planet in 2005, the solar-powered robot has journeyed across 40...

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