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04:41 28 Jul 2015 from ibn

New WiFi chip by NASA could extend your device\'s battery life

New York: A NASA researcher has developed a WiFi chip for wireless phones, computers and wearable devices that uses 100 times less power than traditional receivers. The chip developed by Adrian Tang, researcher at NASA

09:40 25 Jul 2015 from ibn

NASA releases new image of Pluto in false colour

New Delhi: NASA has released another image of Pluto using colour data to highlight the composition of the dwarf planet. Scientists used enhanced colour images to detect differences in the texture of Pluto

05:50 25 Jul 2015 from firstpost

NASA spacecraft shows Pluto wrapped in haze, ice flows| Reuters

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. A stunning silhouette of Pluto taken by NASAs New Horizons spacecraft after it shot past the icy orb last week show an extensive layer of atmospheric haze, while close-up pictures of the ground reveal flows of nitrogen ice,...

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