Newsmaker of the day: V Narayanasami

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MoS Parliamentary Affairs V Narayanasami discusses whether the Lokpal battle become a Congress versus Opposition war.

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03:50 06 Oct 2015 from firstpost

What\'s the fuss about? India and Pakistan share serene embrace in a Nasa photograph

Indian and Pakistan might be quarreling on several issues, from Kashmir to cross-border terrorism, but the view from above, far above, is quite different.Yes, things might look grim on the ground, but from space, it's a different story.Nasahas...

03:50 05 Oct 2015 from firstpost

The Martian in real life: Nasa set to grow vegetables in space conditions

New York: You must have witnessed smart space farming by Hollywood actor Matt Damon in The Martian as he struggled to survive on Mars. But for Nasa, space farming is already happening.In August this year, six astronauts on the International Space...

11:00 01 Oct 2015 from firstpost

Up next for Nasa, missions to Venus and near-earth objects by 2020

Washington:In its quest to explore Venus, near-earth objects and bizarre metal asteroids, Nasahas zeroed on five key science investigations among 27 proposals through its ambitious Discovery programme.Once selected after refinement, one or two...

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