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nithya - ranjitha - gopika வெளிவராத லீலைகள்... EXCLUSIVE

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08:10 17 Apr 2015 from firstpost

Paintings of \'gopis\' in bikinis to banners protesting diktats: Bechara freedom of expression in India

Unless Akram Hussain has never heard of MF Husain, he could not not know that a painting of Lord Krishna surrounded by gopis in bikinis all hanging out in a bar would not go down well.The difference is MF Husain was already famous in the world of...

06:40 14 Apr 2015 from firstpost

Assam artist\'s painting shows Krishna in a bar, mobbed by bikini-clad gopis; Hindutva groups see red

An Assam-based artist has run into trouble for painting pictures of Lord Krishna in a mannerthat hurt sentiments of devout Hindus. Akram Hussain, whose work was being showcased atGuwahati's State Art Gallery, now has an FIR lodged against him in the...

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Tags: nithya - ranjitha - gopika வெளிவராத லீலைகள்... EXCLUSIVE Videos

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