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Rajnikanth in action

last updated on December 05, 2012 at 5:48 pm Youtube

Here is probably one of Rajnikanth's most awesome action sequence. Men flying all around, strong punches, flying kicks and it just keeps on getting better and better. Check this out!

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09:40 30 Jul 2015 from ibn

MS Viswanathan was like Hanuman: Rajinikanth

Chennai: Tamil superstar Rajinikanth has praised legendary South Indian music composer M S Viswanathan and said as a person "he helped people like Hanuman and led a simple life like a squirrel". "MSV helped so many people in his life like Hanmuman...

02:00 22 Jul 2015 from ibn

I\'m not working on a sequel to Rajinikanth\'s \'Baasha\': Suresh Krissna

Chennai: Filmmaker Suresh Krissna, who is known for directing several blockbusters such as 'Sathya', 'Annamalai' and 'Veera', has rubbished rumours about a sequel to superstar Rajinikanth-starrer 'Baasha'. "It feels happy to read about rumours...

02:31 20 Jul 2015 from ibn

Abumani requests Dhanush to emulate Rajinikanth and stop smoking in his movies

New Delhi: In the 1980's Rajinikanth made quite a name for himself in the Indian film industry, courtesy his ability to flick cigarettes on the big screen with absolute ease. However, the superstar stopped smoking onscreen a few years ago, fearing...

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