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Rani's adult avatar

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08:42 22 Apr 2015 from firstpost

Rift alert: Has Rahul Gandhi\'s aggressive avatar irked Sonia Gandhi?

Amid all the excitement over Rahul Gandhi's combative comeback performance in the Lok Sabhalikened by one national newspaper to a tiger's roar there has not been sufficient media focus on the fact that Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka and several other party...

03:50 21 Apr 2015 from firstpost

Behind the scenes of #RahulRoars: Who is responsible for this new articulate avatar?

Whenever Rahul Gandhi gives a speech, people tend topay close attention. Not because theCongress Vice-President is among the country's finest orators, but because he makesstatementsthat can provide social media trolls with fodder for days.From,...

01:10 14 Apr 2015 from firstpost

Modi govt may bring back Section 66A in a different avatar

Guess who has been inconvenienced the most with the Supreme Courts decision to strike down Section 66A of the IT Act? It doesn't take a genuis to figure that the political class figures prominently in that list. Life must have lost it's sheen as the...

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