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01:30 20 Jan 2015 from firstpost

Et tu Kapil? Annoyed Congress helpless as Sibal picks lawyer avatar over party

Et tu Kapil Sibal?The Congress cup of woes keeps running over. On one hand Amit Shah has wooed away former UPA minister Krishna Tirath to the BJP. Now Trinamool has hired Kapil Sibal to represent it in the Saradha case in the Supreme Court.Sibal...

09:50 20 Jan 2015 from firstpost

Har Har Modi to \'Vishnu Avatar\' Kejriwal: The Godly version of our favourite netas

In India, it's not unusual to compare a politician to God. During the Lok Sabha election rallies last year, 'Har Har Modi, ghar ghar Modi' became the favourite slogan for many. The logic? A politician can bring an end to all your woes. In fact, even...

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