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12:31 28 Nov 2014 from ibn

Flying robots to serve as waiters in Singapore restaurants

Singapore: If you are planning to visit Singapore next year, don't be surprised if you were greeted and served a sumptuous meal by flying robots as waiters in some restaurants. Infinium-Serve, the autonomous flying robotic waiters, will be first...

03:20 25 Nov 2014 from Reuters

Cold hard facts: Underwater robot measures Antarctic sea ice

By Will DunhamWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Measuring the thickness of Antarctic sea ice, an important gauge of environmental conditions in this remote polar region in a time of global climate change, has proven to be a tricky task. But an underwater robot...

01:30 15 Nov 2014 from firstpost

From \'alien world\': Europe\'s pioneering robot Philae sends data to Earth

Paris: Robot probe Philae uploaded a slew of last-minute data to Earth on Friday from a comet in deep space, before going to sleep at the conclusion of a historic exploration, ground controllers said.Data streamed in as soon as Europe'spioneering...

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