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Six Ways To Make Her Say 'Yes'

last updated on February 04, 2013 at 10:02 pm Youtube

Here are the six hilarious ways by which you can make the girl of your dream say yes. Watch this video an tell us which trick have your tried.

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11:50 30 Jun 2015 from AFP

Six injured in evacuation of diverted Canadian flight

Six passengers were injured on Monday during an emergency evacuation of their Canadian WestJet flight, which was diverted to Winnipeg following a "threat." The Boeing 737 was diverted on its way between Edmonton in the western part of the country...

09:20 29 Jun 2015 from AFP

Cyprus sentences Lebanese to six years on bomb charges

Cyprus on Monday sentenced to six years in jail a Lebanese man who pleaded guilty to terror charges linked to 8.2 tonnes of potential bomb-making material found in his home. Judicial authorities said that Hussein Bassam Abdallah, who also has a...

03:50 29 Jun 2015 from AFP

Multiple rescues complete record six months for Italy migrant arrivals

Italian authorities were Monday dealing with the arrival of another 2,900 migrants at southern ports after 21 boats were rescued in the space of 24 hours from waters off Libya. The latest operations involved coastguard and other Italian ships,...

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