Sunny Deol Movie-Ajay (1996) Part-1

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11:31 16 Sep 2014 from Reuters

U.S. scouts for Sunni allies on the ground in Iraq

By Oliver Holmes, Suleiman Al-Khalidi, Jason Szep and Ned ParkerBAGHDAD/AMMAN (Reuters) - Unwilling to send U.S. troops back to Iraq, Washington is trying to persuade armed Sunni factions and tribal figures to fight Islamic State militants in an...

12:10 15 Sep 2014 from firstpost

US anti-ISIL campaign caught in Middle-East\'s Sunni-Shia web

The Middle East has confounded outsiders for years, so it is no surprise that another US-led project with a straightforward goal destroying a marauding organization of extremists is bumping up against age-old rivalries and a nod-and-a-wink-style...

08:50 14 Sep 2014 from Reuters

Iraq\'s Allawi endorses PM, says will help win over Sunnis

By Oliver HolmesBAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's Vice President Iyad Allawi endorsed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday, a move that will be seen as a step towards reconciliation in a political system that desperately needs to rebuild to allow...

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