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08:50 24 Jan 2015 from firstpost

Obama\'s a friend, but how will Modi tackle Sangh Parivar before increasing business with US?

The Americans are known to be highly transactional in the way they craft and implement their foreign policy. History bears witness to this tendency. Before they agreed to join UK in the war effort against Hitler in 1941, Americans asked Britain to...

07:31 23 Jan 2015 from firstpost

Janata Parivar merger: Nitish Kumar needs to stick to political foe Lalu Prasad for survival

It's Nitish Kumar the Narendra Modi-led BJP would have loved to take on with its full might in the assembly polls in Bihar later this year. After all, both Modi and the BJP have old scores to settle with the JD(U) supremo - for the former the issue...

03:43 23 Jan 2015 from firstpost

Relax dear Sangh Parivar, theres no evidence of a Muslim population bomb

The much-awaited census data on the population of religious groups is out and the good news is that , contrary to gleeful speculation in the usually suspect circles, it doesnt bear out apocalyptic theories about a Muslim population bomb waiting to...

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