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Have you ever wondered what could be the best part of being a model? Watch this video to hear these sultry models talk about their profession and reveal the secrets of this handsome career. See the video right now.

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02:00 31 Oct 2014 from Reuters

U.S.-led forces rebuked for making Afghan troop evaluations secret

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A move by U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan to classify a key assessment of multibillion dollar efforts to train and equip local security forces is "inexplicable" and hides issues from the public, a U.S. government...

09:41 29 Oct 2014 from ibn

Modi government gives secret list of black money account holders to SC, SIT chief calls it insignificant

New Delhi: Complying with the Supreme Court's directive, the Central government on Wednesday handed over a list of 627 Indians who have accounts in HSBC bank, Geneva for tax probe for suspected black money. The documents were submitted in separate...

03:20 29 Oct 2014 from moneycontrol

Keeping black money names secret may be stretched charade

R JagannathanFirstpost.com The Supreme Court, miffed over the fact that the government has disclosed only three names from the famous HSBC Bank list of 700 Indian Swiss bank account holders, has ordered the government to give it the entire list...

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