Torture test: Microsoft Surface

last updated on November 28, 2012 at 12:49 pm Youtube

The video puts the new Microsoft Surface tablet through a series of crazy torture tests, from cooking an egg on it, to using it as a skateboard. See if it can survive!

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03:10 22 May 2015 from firstpost

Microsoft retains top spot in software revenue in India

India software revenue totaled $4 billion in 2014, an 8.3 percent increase from 2013 revenue of $3.7 billion, according to Gartner, Inc. The enterprise software marketplace is dynamic and ever-changing. Its growth and structure are being shaped by...

03:10 21 May 2015 from firstpost

Exclusive: Microsoft Cloud CTO on cloud, security and IoT

David Campbell is a much respected Microsoft technology thought leader having driven the development of many key Microsoft enterprise products. In a wide ranging conversation he discusses Microsofts new approach to productivity and platforms, where...

12:20 20 May 2015 from firstpost

Apple, Android app makers cool to Microsoft overtures

Microsoft's plan to make its new version of Windows a mobile hit by letting it accept tweaked Apple and Android apps has met an obstacle: some of the software developers the company needs to woo just aren't interested.Windows phones accounted for...

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