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Vodafone Zoozoo ad (2013)

last updated on April 02, 2013 at 4:32 pm Youtube

The Zoozoo are back! After enthralling the audience with their cuteness, the adorable minions will soon be back on the television during the IPL 6 season. Here's an exclusive look at the latest ad from Vodafone for 2013 featuring the ZooZoos. Watch it now!

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06:10 25 May 2015 from ibn

IPL 2015: Chennai Super Kings not invincible anymore

For the last few seasons, any curtain raiser for the Indian Premier League has included a description of Chennai Super Kings as being by far the most successful side, bar none. When the ninth edition rolls around in 2016, that narrative will not...

04:50 25 May 2015 from firstpost

Rohit Sharma\'s success in the IPL gives India an alternative to Virat Kohli

There are some who say that Rohit Sharma lacks drive. He is too laid-back, too lost in his own world, maybe even too talented. But then many of those people don't know what it means to get into a Mumbai local in rush hour with a full cricket kit;...

02:40 25 May 2015 from firstpost

IPL Final: Chennai Super Kings and Dhoni found wanting for the lack of Plan B

Eight playoffs in eight seasons, six final appearances, two championships won. There is no questioning Chennai Super Kings consistency in the Indian Premier League or the role played by their captain MS Dhoni. They have prided themselves on being a...

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