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Why the world didn't end on 21st Dec 2012

last updated on December 14, 2012 at 11:59 am Youtube

So confident are NASA that the apocalypse will not happen on December 21st that they have released a video 10 days ahead of schedule entitled 'Why the World Didn't End Yesterday'. Outlining point by point each of the so called 'myths' that surround the end of the Mayan calendar, astronomical and planetary experts debunk any notions that the sun will irradiate the atmosphere or that a rogue planet will smash into our Earth. But while no soul will be around to point and laugh at anyone from the U.S. space agency should they be wrong, NASA scientists seem so sure that life will go on that the video meant to be released on December 22nd was put out 12 December 2012. Take a look at the video here.

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09:11 21 Sep 2014 from ibn

NASA\\\'s Maven explorer arriving at Mars after year

Cape Canaveral, Florida: NASA's Maven spacecraft is on track to reach Mars late on Sunday night following a journey spanning 10 months and 442 million miles (711 million kilometers). If all goes well, the robotic explorer will slip into Martian...

06:00 21 Sep 2014 from ibn

NASA launches $20,000 Mars challenge

Washington: Attention, space enthusiasts! NASA is offering a $20,000 prize to anyone who can come up with a design idea for small science and technology payloads that could also provide the necessary weight to balance spacecraft entering the...

01:50 21 Sep 2014 from ibn

NASA\\\'s Mars spacecraft to begin orbit of Red Planet

Washington: A NASA spacecraft that aims to study the upper atmosphere of Mars and reveal how its climate changed over time is poised to begin orbiting the Red Planet. After a 10-month journey, the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN)...

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