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How Target Stands Out Among It's Discount Store Competitors 04:47 Aug 28 2014 from Forbes

Target is among the most recognized retailers in the United States, with both a symbol (bulls eyes), store mascot (bulldog) and store color (red) that most consumers identify with without even saying or seeing the Target name. Branding aside, the exp...


Wikipedia wants Congressional staffers to contribute, but bias is a big concern 12:00 Aug 27 2014 from PC World

WASHINGTON— Congress may soon be coming to a Wikipedia page near you. The Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, has suggested congressional staffers should use their political expertise to edit Wikipedia pages related to bills and legislation. “W...


The House of Representative's account banned from Wikipedia after anonymous user targets OITNB actress 05:35 Aug 21 2014 from New York Daily News

After a series of controversial edits made by anonymous users on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia generated by volunteers, had the last straw and suspended the account for the third time this summer — this time it's a month long...


Who owns rights to this selfie? 02:06 Aug 11 2014 from CNN

A nature photographer is fighting a legal battle with Wikipedia over a selfie taken by a monkey that has gone viral...


Monkey 'selfie' 'led to lost income' 10:56 Aug 07 2014 from BBC

A photographer involved in a copyright row with Wikipedia over a monkey "selfie" claims he has lost £10,000 in income over the past two years...


VIDEO: Wikipedia monkey selfie row 01:16 Aug 07 2014 from BBC

British photographer, David Slater, is challenging Wikipedia to remove monkey selfies from websites...


VIDEO: Wikipedia: The book... 12:03 Aug 07 2014 from BBC

Christoph Kepper of Pedia Press talks about his company's ambition to print Wikipedia as a physical book...


Wikimedia: Right to be forgotten results in 'Internet riddled with memory holes' 04:55 Aug 06 2014 from PC World

Google has removed over 50 links to Wikipedia from its search results on European domains as a consequence of the EU’s “right to be forgotten” ruling which, according to Wikimedia, “punches holes in free knowledge.” The foundation behind Wikipedia la...


Wikipedia names deleted search links 12:11 Aug 06 2014 from BBC

Online encyclopaedia Wikipedia reveals which pages Google has blocked from its search results under the EU's "right to be forgotten" rules...


You may soon be able to receive Wikipedia articles via SMS 10:21 Feb 23 2013 from Tech2

Remember the time when you just had to look something up on Wikipedia but there was no connection to the Internet? Well, times like those will soon be obsolete, as Wikipedia is about to add a new feature to its kitty that will enable users