21st March to 20th April

Waddup, Arians? Today, you feel free and liberated! And in that spirit, you will want to travel or do the things you loved doing as a child. You know what? It is GOAT for a family outing. Keeping your mood in mind, you may even make plans for the ... Read more


21st April to 21st May

You’ll find yourselves extremely happy doing routine stuff. Why? Because you’ll be super-duper busy today. Do not expect too many time outs or even small breaks. Fortunately, you won’t be too uncomfortable with your tight schedule and will ... Read more


22nd May to 21st June

Along with your house, family and business matters, you will also be busy with your social obligations today. Ugh! Well, time to say hi to your inner Gemini twin- Karan Johar! He surely is a social bee! You can chillax work-wise because you’ll get ... Read more


22nd June to 22nd July

Whatcha up to, Cancerians? For today, you will be extremely charitable. You may donate a bunch of stuff to a charity organization or multiple. All this for your mental happiness. On the job front, stick to your routine, rather than taking a bold new ... Read more


23rd July to 22nd Aug

Pack your bags, and don't forget the sunscreen and the shades. You know, a strong prospect of going on a tour and all. If not an individual backpacking adventure, then an elaborate family holiday. Lady Luck is with you fellows and work you've done ... Read more


23rd Aug to 22nd Sept

It’s time to contemplate, Virgos. On what? On your past successes to figure out the magic formula that worked for you. This will help you guys to gather the resources for achieving more of it in the near future. Also, as always, new contacts will ... Read more


23rd Sept to 22nd Oct

This beautiful day will be about all things passionate. Fate will have its play today, as chance dictates every possibility of a new romantic love episode in your life. The last time a moment like this came by, Romeo met Juliet (double sigh!). Try ... Read more


23rd Oct to 22nd Nov

Mundane chores must have been killing you. That’s why you’ll decide to take up other creative ventures like gardening or cooking or sketching. Whatevs, today you’ll wish to do smart work and not just hard work. Family joys and pleasures will ... Read more


23rd Nov to 21st Dec

Things are going to get pretty chaotic today. Amidst all that craziness, don't forget your direction and destination. You may be running short of time today and may not find a single moment in peace. Taking a break at this point of time won't be a ... Read more


22nd Dec to 20th Jan

Prioritizing needs is pretty important, and that’s what you’ll do today. The most critical decision will be about the need to manage finances to save for the future. Trust us, always is! And, how many times have we been told this? But, it’s ... Read more


21st Jan to 18th Feb

Lady Luck gazes lovingly upon you today! Bosses are pleased, colleagues are happy, and this makes work seem like leisure. Something that’s enough to make most of the world jealous. Also, you may want to get in touch with old pals who’ve moved ... Read more


19th Feb to 20th March

Looks like you’ll have mood swings today. Don’t fret cuz you’ll still slay at work. And, trust us, once you start focusing on work, in spite of the messy dress, you’ll manage to steal people’s hearts with your cute AF smile. Some personal ... Read more