21st March to 20th April

What’s up, Arians? You will be pretty impulsive today, and this may throw up unexpected results. In a rush of enthusiasm, you may finish pending work and even be left with enough time to plan long-term goals. You may also realize and make amends ... Read more


21st April to 21st May

Today, you’ll be brimming with pep and vigor, Taurians. You'll be feeling playful and frisky, and will want to amuse yourself and the others. You are likely to hang out with your old cronies and will love every second of it. Long breezy drives on ... Read more


22nd May to 21st June

A day full of conflicting emotions awaits you, Geminis. Your personal and professional life both will be important today. Hence, you’ll experience anxious moments as you try to balance the demands made by both of them. Ugh! Hate it when that ... Read more


22nd June to 22nd July

Heya Cancerians! You are likely to have a heightened interest in the study of philosophy and the workings of the metaphysical world. Ooh, super-cool! This may be mere curiosity or a part of your efforts to improve your professional skills. Anyhow, ... Read more


23rd July to 22nd Aug

Get ready to bask in the applause. Well, not literally. But, you’ll def get that long due recognition today for all the hard work you've put at your workplace. And, why not? Besides, you do share sun-signs with Neil Armstrong. This super-cool ... Read more


23rd Aug to 22nd Sept

Whatcha up to, Virgos? You people are going to start the day by scribbling down the things to do for the day. But don't just jot them down; instead, set realistic goals and prioritize them. And, we don’t need to say this, but the items you mark ... Read more


23rd Sept to 22nd Oct

Wedding bells are ringing, and you Librans are about to get very lucky! A plethora of marriage proposals will be coming your way on this day full of special occasions. Plus, you’ll turn up your charisma and sweep the enthralled opposite sex off ... Read more


23rd Oct to 22nd Nov

Waddup, Scorpions? It is more than likely that you will find yourself in a tricky situation today. You may start the day feeling lonely and empty yet, at the same time, you will have some responsibility that will prevent you from showing it. Try to ... Read more


23rd Nov to 21st Dec

Personal grooming will be on your mind today. Makeover time! And, we love such makeover parties. A small fortune may be spent on enhancing the way you look, especially on a new hair-do. Retail Therapy is on the cards, and you may spend on clothes ... Read more


22nd Dec to 20th Jan

Generally, it is difficult for you to maintain a cool head, especially during stressful times. But, to everyone's surprise, you will display remarkable composure while dealing with them crazy challenges today. Family life will be smooth, and it will ... Read more


21st Jan to 18th Feb

Lady Luck gazes lovingly upon you today! Bosses are pleased, colleagues are happy, and this makes work seem like leisure. Something that’s enough to make most of the world jealous. Also, you may want to get in touch with old pals who’ve moved ... Read more


19th Feb to 20th March

Heads up, Pisceans! Controversy and differences circle overhead, almost waiting for a chance to corner you. Even though you are a happy-go-lucky person, you may feel a little run down and disgruntled today. But don't lose heart because as the day ... Read more