Lalit Modi back on social media posting selfies a day after wife’s death

On Tuesday, former IPL chairman Lalit Modi's wife Minal Modi took her last breath in London. In their married life spanning over 25 years, Minal battled with cancer for almost over two decades. In the later days, it spread from her breasts to her liver while she underwent treatment at Portugal's Champalimaud Cancer Centre, considered one of the world's best treatment centres, specialising in translational medicine. As she finally left the mortal world, Lalit dedicated an emotional post to the love of his life and companion of 25 years.

"You have been my life and my journey and now I must continue as promised to you in ensuring our children are protected and nurtured and loved and I know you will always be there," his post reads. He also shared a beautiful greyscale picture of his late wife. It had his friends from all spheres sending out their heartfelt condolences. It took him a short while to resume his activity on social media, though.



On Tuesday night, he shared a selfie of himself from the hospital. That was soon followed by another photo of a range of breakfast items which he complains, are 'bland'. From what his post reads, his children sent him to a hospital; maybe for a checkup? They say it is lonely at the top. Some of the most successful people, enjoying the best of wealth, have a major chunk of communication on social media. Will it be wrong to say that he is trying to cope with his loss by being active on virtual platforms? His followers are wishing him a quick recovery. So do we!




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