Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos credits his success to this genius Sri Lankan friend

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and world’s richest man, has achieved everything one can dream of. It’s indeed astonishing to note that the 54-year-old went from a nerdy Princeton graduate to the zenith of the corporate galaxy in not more than just 24 years. But his triumph wouldn’t probably have been possible had he decided to pursue a career in pure sciences. Sharing a funny anecdote back from his college days, Bezos recently spoke about how, or say who, made him realise that he was ‘never going to be a great theoretical physicist’.


While talking at The Economic Club Of Washington, Bezos recalled a Sri Lankan friend who solved his homework when he was stuck with a difficult math problem. The man, whom he claimed was the smartest person in Princeton University at the time, goes by the name Yashantha.

Recalling the particular incident, he described how he struggled with a partial differential equation for three hours and Yashantha solved the same within seconds, without even writing anything down.


“We showed Yashantha the math equation and he stares at it and said cosine the answer," he quipped. "That was an important moment for me because that very moment I realised I was never going to be a great theoretical physicist."

Reacting to Bezos’ revelation, Yashantha took to Twitter and appreciated the former’s memory and expressed his happiness about the same!

Indeed, some moments can change your life!

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