Amit Bhatia makes his pals pay for losing a round of golf

Amit Bhatia, the son-in-law of Lakshmi Mittal and also the co-owner of Queens Park Rangers is living his life to the fullest. A glance at his Instagram account and right from his family time to travelling, the lad’s schedule looks quite packed yet organised. Recently, we bumped into few Instagram stories of Amit Bhatia where he is seen indulging in the game of golf with his friends, but wait… there’s a twist to the tale.


As seen in the IG stories, Amit Bhatia has won the game of golf against his two pals, and seems like he’s in no mood to let the losers go. We see Amit’s two friends doing push-ups as part of a punishment for losing the battle of golf against him. Quite strict ha! Well, we did not know that apart from being an amazing businessman, Amit is a great golf player too.



Recently, Amit Bhatia was in the news for posting his reaction on social networking site Twitter as QPR won against Ipswich on Saturday afternoon. Without a second thought, with this we can affirm the fact that Amit Bhatia loves sports and how. As they say, sports brings sportsmanship in a man.  For all the least updates, stay tuned to


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