Elon Musk breaks down during interview, admits living on sleeping pills

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is having some difficult time. Turns out that it is primarily due to exhaustion and professional stress. Not long back, he made a sudden tweet about turning Tesla into a private company from a publicly traded one. It was later figured that the tweet was without consultation with other counterparts of the company.

“This past year has been the most difficult and painful year of my career. It was excruciating," Musk said, during his conversation with The New York Times. “It is often a choice of no sleep or Ambien,” he added.

“It seemed like better karma at $420 than at $419. But I was not on weed, to be clear. Weed is not helpful for productivity. There’s a reason for the word ‘stoned.’ You just sit there like a stone on weed," Musk stated, clarifying his tweet that stirred many talks.

 “It’s not been great, actually. I’ve had friends come by who are really concerned," he said when asked if his health went for a toss too, owing to a lot of work pressure that even demanded him to go to his factory and sleep there at night to ensure the right number of production.

Reports also suggest that Tesla is seeking a Chief Operating Officer to unburden Musk at least at certain levels in his daily schedule. However, the company is yet to confirm so.

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