Elon Musk posts weird tweets, Twitter locks his account

Tesla chief Elon Musk regularly uses Twitter to share his thoughts on various topics. He often mentions developments within his companies as well. While he does post personal opinions, most of his tweets are related to business. So, when he posted a few out of character tweets, the microblogging platform though his account was hacked! As a precaution, they locked his account from being misused.

Prior to him revealing that his account was locked, Musk had shared that he enjoys animes and tweeted manga images. He even asked if his followers would like to buy bitcoin. Not stopping there, Musk also tweeted that he owns a ‘chibi Wolverine,’ providing enough material for Twitter to think his account is compromised. Think about it. You wouldn’t expect a business tycoon to suddenly claim something like that all of a sudden, now would you?

Musk later cleared the air about his online absence to his 23 million followers with a tweet. Musk often uses his twitter handle to share his personal thoughts. Recently he made the announcement of a lower-priced Tesla model. He also revealed that The Boring Company would open its first tunnel to the public in December.

Back on August 7, Musk had mentioned on Twitter that he was thinking about taking Tesla private, a move that eventually cost him his position as chairman of Tesla. Federal regulators had observed that Musk had "not even discussed, much less confirmed, key deal terms."

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