Elon Musk receives a unique gift idea from rival car company's CEO, will he consider?

All the parties, good food, great weather, and amazing company sound fine. But tell us honestly, is Christmas celebration even over without you secretly wanting your Secret Santa to pleasantly surprise you with just the perfect gift? After all, the most glorious myth around Christmas is about Santa Clause distributing gifts to good children; and well, for gifts, we all are children. Winks Even the richest of the richest must be tempted for gifts. Talk about temptation, and we have something to show you.

We just came across a tweet of Michael Perschke that straightaway tickled our funny ribs. Yes, we are talking about the former Audi India chief who then moved to head a new subsidiary project of Mahindra and Mahindra and is now the CEO of Automobili Pininfarina. Perschke has come up with the most innovative promotional strategy, tweeting out to celebrities saying they were 'really good' in 2018 and suggesting they could gift themselves a new Pininfarina Battista. Think of it as a gift; just that you are your own Santa...lol! And the most interesting bit was when tweeted the same to his competitor, Tesla CEO Elon Musk!


Not Sure Musk is going to fall into the temptation but we sure are falling into this man's strategies!

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