Vada in a big bowl of sambar! Anand Mahindra gives the black hole a desi twist

April 10 will go down in the history of mankind. For the first time ever, the world got to see what the black hole looks like. After years of discussions and numerous theories, astronomers gave the world its first ever image of a black hole found in Galaxy M87. While the world is going gaga over the first image of one of the greatest findings ever, industrialist Anand Mahindra had the most desi reaction to it. Mahindra said, to him, it was first looked like a doughnut but later went on to say it looked like a vada in a giant bowl of sambar.

The first picture of the black hole was among the most discussed topics on social media worldwide. While scientists were excited with the discovery, it also became part of memes and jokes on social media and Anand Mahindra joined in on the fun. The 63-year-old chairman of Mahindra Group took to Twitter and stated that one of the theories of the origin of the universe is that it was born out of the black hole which means that we all human beings are related to doughnuts, given that the black hole was like a big doughnut to him. LOL. We like the theory.


But Anand immediately changed his statement, from doughnut to a vada in a large bowl of sambar, after an Indian user expressed disappointment over him not considering it a giant vada? Known for his wit on social media, Anand Mahindra was quick to respond and apologised to the user.


Anand Mahindra isn't the only one fascinated with the new discovery. Bollywood filmmaker Shoojit Sircar too was excited about it and expressed his desire to go to the place (wherever that is).


Megastar Amitabh Bachchan reminded Shoojit that the black hole is 300 million trillion miles away from Earth and that they have to begin shooting for their next film soon. Followed by the next and next film.


The internet is filled with some of the funniest black hole memes and we bring you the best ones.


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