Pet lovers rejoice as Elon Musk mulls ‘dog mode’ in Teslas

One of the most sought-after features by Tesla owners is the ‘dog mode.’ It was missing for a long time and one eager user tweeted to Elon Musk, requesting the feature. According to the reply posted by the Tesla chief, the feature might just be coming. The speculation for the feature emerged after a Twitter user, named Josh Atchley tweeted to Musk, asking for the ‘dog mode’ for times when people have left their pets in the car.

Musk replied ‘Yes’ to the question, sparking the debate over the availability of the ‘dog mode’. Back in 2016, Tesla had introduced a v8 software which had a feature on it called “Cabin Overheat Protect” that would keep the car at a ‘safe’ temperature for a time period. It could operate even when the car is turned off. Reports said that the feature was introduced to for child and pet safety.

Musk’s tweet does not mention any timeline for the ‘dog mode’, which means it could just be an idea that he likes, and it could be quite a while before we see it on the car. A user suggested that the interior temperature can be made visible so that people around can be sure that the dog inside is at a comfortable temperature.

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