Twitter boss Jack Dorsey names Elon Musk as his favourite Twitter user and causes an uproar

An online interaction between Twitter boss Jack Dorsey and Kara Swisher, about combating abuse, revealed that the former’s favourite tweeter is Elon Musk. Musk, who is very active on twitter often shares his ideas on the microblogging platform. However, his tweets often end up embroiled in controversies. As such, the mention of Musk’s name caused a stir. Even so, when the biggest name in Twitter singles you out among the millions on the platform, that calls for an acknowledgement and Musk did just that.

Musk quickly thanked Dorsey for the compliment. However, the comments that followed made it clear that choosing Musk over several others, was a controversy in itself. Musk’s tweets have brought him under intense media scrutiny and on multiple occasions caused him a lot of trouble. The most controversial tweet was the one where he claimed he’d make Tesla a private company. The result was that he lost the position of being the company’s CEO for three years.

Besides that, Musk once attacked one of the rescuers of a group of Thai football players who were stuck in a cave, calling the man a ‘pedo’. He still faces a defamation case for that remark. He even joked once, tweeting ‘Wanna buy some Bitcoin?’ prompting Twitter to think that his account was hacked and eventually blocking his account. However, the account was recovered.

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