Aditi Mittal accused of Sexual Harassment by fellow comic Kaneez Surka

The #MeToo movement has opened a can of ugly worms. Improv artiste Kaneez Surka took to micro-blogging site Twitter to speak up about an incident that has left her feeling 'humiliated, shocked and completely stripped of choice'. Surka claims that fellow comic Aditi Mittal forcibly kissed her on stage, while she was performing at the Andheri Base. Have a look at Kaneez's tweet here:

Kaneez states that seeing Aditi Mittal championing the cause of the survivors of sexual misconduct and subsequent harassment has triggered her. Kaneez states that she has spoken to Aditi through an intermediary. While Aditi has accepted the accusation levelled against her earlier, but now has gaslit Kaneez, when asked for an apology. Kaneez believes that a public apology from Aditi will help her find closure.

Kaneez Surka makes a point towards the end of her post where she addresses men. She states that this isn't about them nor is it agenda driven. What she is doing is not for publicity but for closure and mental health.

We've reached out to Aditi Mittal and were told that she is travelling. We will update this story as and when she gets back. Stay tuned to for more updates on the #MeToo movement, Kaneez Surkha and Aditi Mital. ​

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