Akshay Kumar ditches the gym to hit the sand in Juhu for a different type of workout

Summer is beach time and Bollywood makes sure it gets to do just that. For the fitness freaks in the industry, this is the best time of the year to shed more with less effort owing to the sun. If you can mix fun with the workout, then nothing beats it. For fitness king Akshay Kumar, summer is the ultimate time to be in the sun and make most of his physical activities. It is for this reason that he gave his gym a miss and hit the sand in Juhu instead, doing what he loves, playing volley ball.

The actor took to social media to share a video of him hitting the volley ball over the net with a couple of local boys at the beach. While it is not known from the video which team is winning, Kumar makes sure he gives his best. He does it all from hitting the ball gallantly to falling in to the sun to patiently waiting for his teammates to hit the score. He managed to keep his stardom at the side lines as is seen in the video. Wearing his usual track pants, he is all out to have fun. He also asked his fans to share photos/videos/experiences of them in their attempt to stay fit this weekend.

In another video shared a few days back, the actor traded his hula hoop for large wooden beads strung together. His hula hoop twirling skills in what he mentioned to be his back and stomach muscle core training, would have easily impressed any 10-year-old mastering the hula hoop.

For Khiladi Kumar, workout is not restricted to the gym alone.

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