Amala Paul's sensational semi-nude first look poster grabs attention

In a recent interview, Amala Paul spoke highly of her upcoming film with director Rathna Kumar of the ‘Meyaadha Maan’ fame. The film has been titled Aadai (dress/clothing) and she said that the first look poster will cause a huge flutter whenever it is released.

The poster was unveiled on Tuesday evening and true to her word, it is quite a sensational one. The poster is being debated and discussed by movie buffs and it has most definitely grabbed all the spotlight. The contrast between the title's meaning and what we see in the poster is quite striking!

Amala Paul is seen covered in just tissue papers and is in a distressed state, holding on to a rod. It seems that she is a rape victim who is hanging on to her dear life and fighting against the perpetrators. One must say that it takes real guts for a leading heroine to pose and give the nod for such a visually graphic first look poster, when she is still a leading commercial heroine in South Indian cinema. This shows the trust that she has on the director’s script and his execution abilities.


Aadai has the taglines Arrogant, Audacious and Artistic. This may be the character traits of Amala's character named Kaamini. With such a stunning first look poster, Aadai joins the list of the most awaited upcoming Tamil films.

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