American podcast show Homecoming is now a full scale web series, watch BTS video

"My name is Heidi Bergman, and I'm your caseworker for this reintegration process. Our facility is a safe space for you to process your military experience and refamiliarize yourself with civilian life in a monitored environment, which just means getting you situated now that you're back - career-wise, health-wise. Basically, I work for you," says Julia Roberts aka Heidi Bergman. As reported by the National Public Radio of the United States, Roberts plays a caseworker in the psychological thriller that began as a podcast and was turned a TV series. Amazon has now adopted the show as a full-fledged web series.

Hence, Homecoming is a lot about how to cope with bad memories, with reference to soldiers who are carrying home many scars. In the recently released BTS video, director Sam Esmail shares his notion. "We really wanted to harness the De Palma, Hitchcock vibe in a television series," he is heard saying. His direction and execution have been lauded already.

Along with Esmail, Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg, who also created the podcast, are working on writing the web series. The series consists of 10 episodes in total and was made to stream on the 2nd of November.

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