5 Ingredients which make Shahid Kapoor the official MILLENIAL Style Icon!

Shahid Kapoor has not just managed but even excelled at staying relevant for over a decade. Not just an amazing performer on screen but Shahid Kapoor's effortless sense of style has propelled him to the top, making him one of the most stylish men in the country. Shahid has indeed emerged to be one of the most fashionable that Bollywood can brag about. Also, if you see Shahid Kapoor’s transformation from his first movie Ishq Vishq till now, there has been a drastic transformation in the way the man dresses up. He entered the industry looking like a lean, cute boy with goofy hair but now he is a daddy with a super-hot bod which girls drool over and a great sense of style which men can look up to.

So, here’s a look at what makes the absolutely fit and stylish Shahid Kapoor, a man with an amazing fashion tilt.

 Style Evolution


The good old days of Shahid Kapoor were all about him being a thin but adorable boy. Years have passed and times have changed and thankfully so has his fashion sensibilities. From the gawky teenager in the Pepsi ad, Shahid has transformed into a confident dresser today. But before the actor made his Bollywood debut with Ishq Vishq in 2003, he appeared in a few movies, one in the 1990s as a background dancer.  Born to Pankaj Kapoor and Neelima Azeem, Bollywood runs through Shahid's veins. Entering the industry as a young boy, Shahid's fashion sense was that of, well... a young boy. Today he is considered a style icon.

A few years into his career, Shahid ditched the round neck graphic tees and switched to skinny ties and ill-fitting suits. His long hair, better fitting clothes and an absence of skinny ties, graphic tees and shiny pullovers; Shahid managed to transform into a strapping young lad. But then came the most important evolution in his life; the BEARD. Yeah, the more tailored his suits got, the more intense his beard was too.

And now we can't even imagine Shahid without a beard, like nah... we cannot.

 Boon to the style world… Athleisure style


If Shahid’s style can be summed up in one word, it would have to be ATHLEISURE style. Going by his public appearances, Shahid's wardrobe staple surely includes relaxed fits and converse. Following Rule #1 of appearing wealthy goes, you've got to keep it simple and never go overboard with style. And so, occasionally, if you have noticed, Shahid experiments with his athleisure style but never looks flashy. Wardrobe plays a very important part in the life of a celebrity and Shahid's closet is among the funkiest one we have ever seen. From his tailored suits, sneakers to some really crisp shirts, we really envy Shahid, but then we can't as he is our favourite too.

Shahid’s social media presence


He has never shied away from the lenses and those dimples need no introduction. Yeah that's Shahid Kapoor for you. And though Shahid Kapoor tied the knot with Mira Rajput and is now officially a married man (and father), India’s single ladies are still smitten by Bollywood’s favourite chocolate boy. One look at the man’s Instagram feed and you’ll realise his fans can’t be blamed. Kapoor looks just as great in his I-woke-up-like-this selfies as he does on the red carpet in his three-piece-suit, at weddings and on a holiday too. And almost every picture shared by him with wifey Mira or solo comes in packed with a stylish punch and not to miss the cute caption.

 Trademark Style 


He is a star who has worked very hard for the stature he has achieved in the industry today. He has not only become a respected actor but a major influence on his fans in terms of style quotient. His charm, modesty and a stylish avatar, blend in to make Shahid the most irresistible hunk in tinsel town. Shahid cool and casual dressing has fans swooning all over him. He likes to keep his outfits youthful and trendy and always manages to look like a million bucks.

As said by poet, Richard Eberhart that ‘Style is the perfection of a point of view’ and we couldn't agree more in case of Shahid Kapoor.

 BEARD on the street! Shahid aces the grooming game


Sartorial chameleon, baby daddy, and sweatpants wearer, Shahid Kapoor is obsessed with the idea of always looking good. His love for changing his looks has inspired a generation of men to take up grooming seriously. When it comes to flashing his beard, no one in showbiz does it better than Sasha Kapoor. From the baby-faced boy who stole our hearts to the muscular maverick in' Udta Punjab' and 'Padmaavat', Shahid Kapoor has truly undergone an evolution. One of the biggest factors behind this transformation has been his beard. Thick and well groomed, it’s hard not to be impressed.


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