5 things Bollywood award shows should do away with in 2019

The New Year has begun and soon we will not just get catch some new movies at the theaters, but also award shows that will celebrate the stars of 2018. Award functions will kick-start in about a week or two. And as an audience that will be watching these shows on the internet and on television sets, we hope that the team behind these ceremonies understands that like the moviegoers even the TV watching lot has upgraded and developed a taste for good content. If Bollywood has reinvented itself in 2018, then its time that the pre-recorded awards can learn a lesson or two and better themselves too.

Now, we’re not saying that the award watching experience has been bad always. There have been moments that have worked, like watching Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan host and roast their friends from the fraternity in the past. Or then the trio of Riteish Deshmukh, Lara Dutta and Boman Irani tickling the audience and industry’s funny bone with their skits. However, those have been elements of the function. Also, over the years the novelty of awards has worn off with the number and categories is just increasing. And yes, who can forget the awkward placements of the sponsors in the show and on the trophies.

Here are five things we wish that Bollywood award ceremonies got rid of in 2019:

#Special customised categories: Now there’s a reason why Indian award shows lack credibility. Everybody also suspects that the Oscars may not be entirely fair and there’s strong lobbying that happens. Many a time in Hollywood we have seen a deserving actor/film lose the trophy to the not-so-deserving ones. But in all honesty, the competition looks fair and the debate still has decent points on each side. But in India, the bias is a little too obvious. Stars have won awards for attending the show rather than their act. And yes, who can forget the innumerable Best Actor categories – Popular, Critic and Entertainer. What’s an ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR AWARD really?

#Fake Candids: It’s amusing to watch Shahid Kapoor clap for Kareena Kapoor’s performance on the show. Amitabh Bachchan shows up on the screen every time the camera zooms in to Rekha and vice versa. Same is the case with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Salman Khan and many other ex-lovers in the industry. Bet on edits these look real, but it is also in the same edit that we have seen a person presenting the award and clapping for the winner from the audience.

#Equal Treatment for the talent: A movie is not just made by the stars, producers, directors and music composers. Often at award shows, step-motherly treatment is meted out to other talents like technicians, sound designers, script-writers etc. Varun Grover had once talked about how when the technical awards are presented there is almost nobody present at the venue and that discourages them to even dole out a victory speech. If the rest of the industry waits for the Best Actor award that’s given out at the end of the ceremony, then it’s also expected of stars to be present when members of their own fraternity are being honoured for their work.

#The sponsor trouble: Now we know that a lot of money goes into making an award function grand. But instead of making the award ceremony itself a 5-hour long advertisement there can be a smart placement of brands backing the show. It does not always have to be on the face where the branding, backdrop, announcement, presenter and the award itself has to have an imprint of the sponsor.

#Badly choreographed acts: By now it’s no surprise that our stars do not like to step in and out of their designer gowns and often the performances that play on our screens are the ones that were already recorded. There’s nothing new in these performances, where the actors generally lack energy and are merely focussing on their costume change. And yes, we are done with the dancing odes to yesteryear stars. Maybe its time for organisers to wear their thinking hats and for the celeb to demand better acts.

Hopefully like in the movie halls we saw new concepts take over, this year at the awards too we will witness at least something new. Do you have any suggestions for Bollywood award shows? Pen it in the comments section below…

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