Aamir Khan confesses how he fell for Kiran Rao but we tell you the whole story

Jodiyan upar wala banata hai’ (Marriages are made in heaven) was a patent dialogue used by the good old grannies in Bollywood films of the 90s. Well, there are enough examples in Bollywood to make us believe in this dialogue. One of the perfect examples of this would be of Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao. The actor was married to Reena Dutta for 16 years, but their marriage hit the rock bottom and the two separated. Then Kiran came in his life and the two are happily married now with a cute son named Azad.


Recently, a video of Aamir Khan has gone viral in which he is talking to Chinese media about how he fell in love with Kiran. The actor has revealed that it over a phone conversation with Kiran that he realised that she is the one who makes him happy. After his divorce, he was in trauma and it was an half an hour conversation with  Kiran that made him feel better. He further revealed that before they settled in matrimony, they had a live-in relationship of one and a half year.

But, do you guys know when was the first time that Aamir and Kiran meet? Well, we know! Kiran was actually an assistant director in Lagaan, but at that time there was nothing between the two.


The two first met when they were in a bus while travelling to Bhuj for the recce of Lagaan. The bus had the crew of the film. Recollecting how Aamir had no superstar persona, Kiran had stated, “Aamir Khan, who is a superstar, was also on the bus. But Aamir was not just on the bus, he also made conversation with every assistant, asked their names, introduced himself. He had no filmi persona about him at all.” Kiran found Aamir to be completely down to earth.


By the way, do you guys know the earring that Aamir wore in Lagaan was actually of Kiran’s.

After his divorce with Reena, the actor collaborated with Kiran for a commercial, and it was now that the two started to know each other. Earlier it was a causal relationship for both, but then Kiran started to fall in love with Aamir. She had stated, “I felt like ‘Oh... this is someone I really want to spend more time with and this is someone I want to know better.’ But I fell in love with him quite early... a couple of months spending time intimately with him, I was hooked.”


Well, as we said earlier ‘Marriages are made in heaven’, so is of Aamir and Kiran’s. Even after being with Reena for 16 years, Aamir once again found love in Kiran and the two have surely been giving us some couple goals ever since.

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