Akshara Haasan is unlocking the next level culinary skills!

As they say, your experiments in the kitchen are the best way to unwind from a busy day and also to break the mundaneness of daily life.  For Akshara Haasan, looks like she takes a keen interest in trying her hands on various jams and fruit preserves. This time around, her muskmelon preserve turned out to be a delicious success story. As she put it, she has 'outdone' herself with the previous attempts!


That definitely looks delicious. Not many would also know that Akshara really enjoys cooking. A couple of years back, she moved out of her parents' house and started living alone in Bandra. And the cooking part is what she loves the most about staying alone!


"I live in Bandra, cook for myself and clean my own house. The cooking part especially is great. I like my food cooked a certain way; at times people undercook it, burn the hell out of it or put too much oil," she had told Deccan Chronicle in an interview.

Akshara recently also became a victim of cybercrime as her personal photos were leaked and made their way to the internet, becoming viral instantly. She reached out to Mumbai Police to trace the offender.

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