Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Haasan seek help for Gaja affected Tamil Nadu

Beginning on the night of November 15 till morning on November 16, Tamil Nadu was hit by a herculean, destructive cyclonic storm that brought the state to a standstill, causing major demolition all across. The cyclone called Gaja severely affected 12 districts of Tamil Nadu. The centre recently approved a budget of  Rs 353.70 crore to aid the Southern state and repair the damage. But in such times, every bit of help counts.  Not just politicians, but the Tamil film fraternity has come forward to offer assistance as well. Actor and politician Kamal Haasan, who is doing his bit as well, shared with a video that has Amitabh Bachchan explaining the extent of damage and appealing everyone to help.

"The estimated number of people rendered homeless is approximately 3.7 lakh. About 3.4 lakh homes have been destroyed.  Between 60-80% of the coconut trees in the region have fallen, crippling the livelihood of farmers, who contribute a quarter of India's major share of coconut production. Lakhs of people have been moved to relief camps," Bachchan says. All of these numbers are just estimates and like it is with all natural calamities, the number of casualties and affected people always goes up with time.  "Agriculture and livelihood have been crippled in the most fertile region.  The damage is beyond imagination," he adds.


For relief work in Tamil Nadu, the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF), Coast Guard helicopters and Navy workers have joined hands. Inter-ministerial Central Team (IMCT) visited the state and submitted a report, based on which the monetary assistance was passed.


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