Anil Kapoor hates being called ‘chachu’ and it is Arjun Kapoor who pays the price of his humor!

If there’s one actor in Bollywood who has time and again defied the term ‘ageing,’ it has to be the Jhakaas actor Anil Kapoor. The 62-year-old actor can put all the youngsters to shame and when we talk of youngsters, his nephew Arjun Kapoor is no exception. When we have both Anil and Arjun in the house, it’s clearly chachu Anil, who hogs the limelight and Arjun knows that well. While Anil has often acknowledged all the compliments that come his way, recently, he made a revelation that he hates it when people call him ‘chachu’, which means uncle. We are certainly not surprised, Anil!

The Nayak actor appeared on Famously Filmfare recently and revealed that he prefers calling everyone chachu before they can even address him with that name and make that other person the senior instead! Smart move! But guys, do you know who has been Anil Kapoor’s constant target when it comes to chachu fiasco? It’s his nephew and Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor. OOPS! Both Anil and Arjun share more of a friendly bond than an uncle-nephew one and ever since Arjun was born, Anil has called him chachu. The name stuck to Arjun like glue because even his cousins Sonam and Rhea call him chachu!


During one of his interviews to DNA, Arjun talked about the amazing chemistry he shares with Anil, saying, “We are not the typical chacha-bhatija. We are like brothers, friends, chacha-bhatija, all together. More often we are like brothers where he is the younger one and I am the older one! He calls me Arjun chachu and I call him Anil chachu. It’s always been like this. You can’t fake it with your family.”


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