Anurag Kashyap's imposter harasses actor Ruhii Singh

Public figures, especially women, often bear the brunt of fame. This includes uncalled moral policing on the internet, stalking and merciless trolls. Actor Ruhii Singh, best known for Madhur Bhandarkar's Calendar Girls, has been going through something similar. She continues to receive unwarranted text messages from a man who claims to be Anurag Kashyap, reports Times of India. The actress has resorted to the police now and also spoke to Anurag about the same.

“I know Anurag, so I obviously knew that this man wasn’t him. I told the filmmaker about this stalker and even he suggested that I lodge a complaint with the cops. I have filed a complaint at the Goregaon police station. The police have assured me that they will look into this and take action against this man. He uses multiple numbers to contact me. For now, I keep blocking his numbers. I even replied to him once saying that he should stop harassing me or else I will take legal action. But it didn’t affect him and he went on to say bizarre things like, ‘I am a police officer myself’. He even says, ‘I am from the cyber cell. I want to go to the jail myself’. He sends me the address and time as to where I can meet him and this happens every day. He clearly seems unstable," she told the publication.


Ruhii also says how the fact that the stalker is aware of her whereabouts is pretty 'unsettling' but she'd rather want to teach him a lesson than getting scared. "I want to set this as an example for everyone who thinks that they can harass women and get away with it because they think we are weak. A lot of people think that they can hide behind their mobile screens and bully, harass and troll women without ever getting caught. However, in today’s day and age, you cannot get away with cybercrime. I will make sure that this person learns his lesson. I would also request all girls to save such messages of sexual harassment and intimidation and report the matter to the police," she added.

The messages received by the actor are clearly abusive and threatening in nature. Hope the culprit is found and punished soon!


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