Anushka Sharma gets Suppandi back

Who would not want to reminisce the childhood spent reading the iconic characters Suppandi, Shikari Shambu, Kalia the crow among others? More than just comic characters, they turned into childhood buddies of the 90s kids. Indian fortnightly magazine Tinkle had always been beneath the text-books in the study hours and the back-benches. When we talk about the favourite characters, the famous Suppandi ofcourse brings a smile to our faces.


Known as the funniest character of Tinkle, Suppandi made his debut in 1993 but still rules many hearts. The comic has one-pager stories of the village nincompoop whose stupidity makes him switch to new jobs every now and then and cause trouble for his bosses. The profoundly dumb comic character has been the favourite of all the generations, and notably Anushka Sharma. The actress’ clothing line Nush, is launching a collection inspired from Suppandi. Sharma will actively promote Suppandi clothing line across her appearances not just in India but globally.


Speaking about the cool collaboration of Nush and Tinkle comics, the actress said, “I used to read a lot of Tinkle comics during my summer vacations at school. Suppandi was my (imaginary) buddy, as I would gobble up comics featuring him on lazy summer afternoons. I wanted to flesh out his place in our happy childhood memories with the NUSH summer collection, and we’ve worked at retaining the simple, comfortable element of Suppandi in his line. While we celebrate the Avengers or Mickey Mouse from the West, images of Suppandi will reignite fond recollections of childhood for many people.”


Anushka’s spring-summer collection for NUSH will feature over 180 designs with immense variety for today’s women. Perhaps the best way to hit the fans with nostalgia and making them relive the Suppandi days.

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