Anushka Sharma on memes: It signifies the reach of the trailer

Varun Dhawan-Anushka Sharma starrer Sui Dhaaga- Made In India has garnered a lot of attention with its recently released trailer. But besides earning praises from all over for its unique story line and performances by the actors, the film has also blessed our social media timelines with some of the most hilarious memes ever. The internet being flooded with memes of a crying Anushka juxtaposed in odd places and situations has surely given us a good share of laughter. But taking it as a ‘compliment’, Anushka has a different take on the memes and we totally agree with her.


In a recent interview with In.Com, Anushka was asked to share her first thoughts when the memes started pouring in. The actor replied as saying, “Super cool thing. Firstly, it was funny. Secondly, I think that it signifies the reach of the trailer. I take it as a compliment. Because our character and entity has been so far removed from who I am as a person or I have been seen as a person that you can actually use that person as a character and make memes out of her. So I take it as a huge compliment.”


“You have to watch it (the trailer) a few times to see a meme out of it, you can’t otherwise. So it just shows that it’s seen so many times,” she added.

Also commenting on Anushka’s character, Varun shared, “Mamta is so silent. While shooting with Anushka I would be like ‘where is Anushka’, but she has been waiting there since the past 10 mins and you wouldn’t even realise.”

“Standing there like a Pari,” interrupted Anushka (laughs).


On being quizzed if they have seen their Sui Dhaaga characters in real life, the actors replied saying, ‘all of us have’.

“May be you will see them with a lot more depth after watching the film,” Anushka added.

The much-anticipated film will hit the screens on September 28. Stay tuned to us for more updates!


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