Beware Alia Bhatt, Sara Ali Khan looks like an actress that could be a serious threat to you

Sara Ali Khan is yet to mark her Bollywood debut. In a few days, the actress’ first film will hit the theatres. However, this beauty already has garnered a massive fan following. The Kedarnath heroine was a hit when she made her debut on Koffee With Karan 6 alongside her father a few weeks ago. Unlike other newcomers, Sara did not mind speaking her mind out. We don’t know if the actress is sticking to her brief as she mentioned during a video chat recently. However, she is refreshingly different from her peers. There have been quite a few interviews that the actress has doled out in the last few days, but the headlines that she is making are all for the right reasons. Guess her ivy league training at Columbia University is not in vain after all.

As if her fun banter on the Koffee couch wasn’t enough, Sara is ensuring that her answers are super fiery even if they may not be rapid. The actress in a television interview said, “I’m not lying when I say that I’ve always dreamt and aspired to be able to do all kinds of films, which isn’t a fun answer but it’s a true answer. I can tell you that as a child I’ve watched all of Karan Johar’s films and I’m a huge Karan Johar fan. But does that mean that’s the only kind of cinema I want to be a part of? Definitely not!”

Sara further continued, “I feel that I’ve been privileged enough to have the opportunity to do these two very different genres and there’s no way that I could say which is better than the other for me.”

Now one would ask why Sara is a threat to Alia, who has a solid body of work behind her. Well, like Sara, even Alia has confessed that she was a Kareena Kapoor fan. And the kind of roles that the petite actress has picked have varied from Student Of The Year to a Highway, she does a Badrinath Ki Dulhania and then also works in a movie like Raazi. Such has been Alia’s career growth that even a Shah Rukh Khan does not mind playing a supporting hero to her. And fortunately for the actress, her space did not have much competition. But with Sara’s latest confession, we guess filmmakers will have another actress to go to with challenging, art and mainstream movies and that would definitely be a threat to the actress.

Amidst all the nepotism debate and controversy, when a genuine talent comes along, even the staunchest opposers do welcome them with open arms. And to earn peoples trust, Sara like Alia will have to prove with her act and not just words. While the Kedarnath trailers and songs look promising, we will have to wait and watch if Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan’s daughter delivers on December 7, when Abhishek Kapoor’s film will be out in theatres. And Sara is indeed lucky because if she misses the mark there because she has Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty’s Simmba that will release on December 28.

In any case, this is a face we all, including Alia, Janhvi Kapoor and the rest of the industry should watch out for. And Alia in particular, because, like her, even Sara had talked on Karan’s Koffee couch about marrying Ranbir Kapoor. Do we need to say more, really?


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