Bhavesh Joshi not like any Hollywood superhero film, says Harshvardhan Kapoor

1st June, Friday, is going to be Kapoorsome at the box office. Sibling duo Sonam Kapoor-Harshvardhan Kapoor is all set to lock horns at the box office as their respective films Veere Di Wedding and Bhavesh Joshi have zeroed on the same release date. Predictions are of course in the favour of Sonam'sfilm that boasts of an ensemble cast. Harsh, however, says his film will co-exist well if it finds its own audience. He also emphasises that Bhavesh Joshi, being a small film, would not need some 3000 screens to sustain. 800-1000 are going to be okay.

"We wanted to release the film on 25th of May. Because of a lot of reasons, we could not do that; creative and commercial reasons. Producers together took a call on this and decided on June 1st. There were other dates in June that were not possible. Because of Race 3, and because of Sanju being a keenly anticipated film. We couldn't come in between those two films. We couldn't come a week before Race 3 because then we'd only be in cinemas for a week," he says.

Post the release of the film's trailer and teaser, many called it a bad rip-off of Hollywood superhero flicks. But the actor says, no such plan existed.

"When the teaser came out, people said it was like Deadpool or Star Wars. It's really not. When you see the film, you'll know, it's a very personal film to Vikramaditya Motwane. It's in his head. He hasn't taken inspiration really. or maybe he has, but in a very different way," he answers.

The protagonist Bhavesh Joshi, in the film, is a common man who turns a superhero to fight the wrong and establish justice. Which superhero is Harshvardhan himself fond of?

"I like Batman. Especially that of Christopher Nolan's are much more set in reality. Batman doesn't have any superpower. He can get hurt. He can die.  That makes you feel, 'oh my  god, anything can happen'! Bhavesh Joshi is very very real. Real in a Vikramaditya Motwane or Anurag Kashyap way," he tells us.

Coming to his 2016 debut film Mirzya, it was a period drama, and an emotionally uphill film. Bhavesh Joshi has its share of emotional ups and downs too. Moving on, he will be seen in the biopic of shooter Abhinav Singh Bindra. What other genre is he looking to do?

"I really want to let people know that I really want to do something light. Because I am tired and exhausted. I want to do something where I am just having fun on set. Something like 500 Days of Summer or Romeo Juliet," the Kapoor lad reveals.

And a film with both Sonam Kapoor and dad Anil Kapoor? He is ALL in!

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