Bigg Boss 12 promo: Will contestants’ torture affect Megha’s health?

We saw on Thursday how Megha Dhade was being tortured by the other contestants of the house during the captaincy task. After Megha, it was Somi Khan who was next in line to be tortured the most. Somi couldn't handle the heat and decided to quit the task. Now, only Deepak and Megha are fighting to be the captain of the house.


The makers have released a new promo where the contestants are still torturing Megha and it is clearly seen that she can’t bear it. We wonder if this torture by the contestants will affect Megha’s health. We must say that Megha is proving, time and again, that she is a tough nut to break.


Meanwhile, it is that time of the week when contestants have to decide who will be going to Kaal Khotri (jail). Looks like Sreesanth and Jasleen are the two who have been told by the other contestants to go to jail, but the two don’t agree to it. This happens almost every week as contestants don’t want to go to jail. There’s also a big fight between Sreesanth and Surbhi that will take the place. We wonder if Sreesanth and Jasleen will agree to go to jail or not. Let’s wait and watch what will happen in Friday’s episode.

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