Bigg Boss 12: Salman launches his show with a boat entry and some towel dance

Bigg Boss is in Goa! Salman Khan, who is set to hit our TV screens with the next season of Bigg Boss, attended a press conference as well as a launch event on Tuesday, with two weeks to go before the show. We caught sight of Salman in a boat, striking a macho pose. Now a boat entry is certainly new!

We must agree, Salman is looking like one hunk. But hey, what happened to the salt n' pepper look? We were loving it pretty much! He is back to his black beard, though...

Also, let us show you pictures of his towel dance. Tell us if it reminds you of the famous Jeene Ke Hai Char Din dance?

We hear this year's Bigg Boss is going to be full of surprises. There will probably be no celebrity jodi any more, owing to the sky-high amount they quoted. A new concept of Vichitra jodi that pairs a commoner with a celebrity, will be introduced. In fact, a female host is likely to be there with Salman. But the name has been kept under the wraps as of now.

The show starts airing on16th September.


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