Critics' Choice Short Film Awards: Tungrus, Sambhavtaha win big

What started off as a celebration of Dionysus in Athens before the birth of Christ, has culminated into the cinema we watch today. After all, theatre is the mother of cinema. The audience has evolved since then as has the arena of the performing arts. Today's millennials' attention spans are asking for crisper content and that is exactly what short films deliver. Filmmakers are now asserting an autonomy that was never seen before. This new-found democracy is also challenging filmmakers (and the audiences) to engage with cinema in a way we haven't seen before.

In a first-ever event, independent, well-known, movie-loving film critics from across the country — from newspapers, TV channels, websites and radio — came together formally as the Film Critics Guild and felicitated the best short films across the spectrum. Here's the list of the winners of the Critics' Choice Short Film Awards.










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