De De Pyaar De Movie Review: Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet and Tabu put up an affable show

It is slightly enigmatic as to why would a 50-year-old man, well off and smart, would make such a mess out of his personal life and why would two beautiful women, triaged in their own spheres, would even entertain him. Apart from that, various facets make Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet Singh and Tabu's De De Pyaar De a watchable affair.

Ashish Mehra (Ajay Devgn) and Aisha Khurana (Rakul Preet Singh) are eventually cupid-struck, days after they meet at a rather weird bachelor party. Their amour is said through tons of kiddish texts, coffee dates, cosy nights and pillow fights before they stumble upon that one question. What's next?

A relatable crisis follows when a young Rakul Preet falls in love with Ajay, who's almost double her age. She cherishes her feminine dreams of a marriage and a family, he is still enduring not being the perfect father and husband. To this part, it's a love story that's unusual but not unheard of. It actually lights up when comes in Tabu.

Manju Rao (Tabu), is an efficient mother, single-handedly managing her two kids and is well in charge of their antipathy towards the father. Tabu, in her prudent elements, shines over everyone else. Ajay Devgn is his restrained self and Rakul Preet successfully pulls off being young and expectant, Tabu is the one you take back with you. She carries within the heaviness that her being a single mother brings along but that seldom impacts her being the decisive one in the lot. At one brief moment, she slips off and there's an intimate spark between her and her estranged husband. The most humane form of a relationship flashes upon our eyes.

De De Pyaar De, without being preachy, also speaks volumes about parenting, the righteousness of calling off a long-dead relationship, emotional insecurities and most importantly, fresh chances. It's not precisely a laughter riot, it does lag in portions and a lot of it isn't anything path-breaking. But Akiv Ali's directorial debut most certainly comprises of familiar emotions. And then, it's refreshing to see Ajay playing his age. After all, it takes an A-lister some heart to leave his youthful on-screen persona behind and embrace age and its vulnerabilities.

Quite amusingly, at one point, you want to cheer for Ashish and Manju, the ones who are walking apart and not Ashish and Aisha, the ones who are set to embark on a fresh journey. Maybe it's about us, not wanting to let go of the old comfortably. Or maybe, it's about us rooting for a happy ending for everyone. Who settles down with the loved one finally? That's what you keep asking till the end.

Alok Nath, the now much-disputed man, plays a father, sanskari in his mind and annoying in his words. Nath has pulled his character well. But Jimmy Sheirgill and Sunny Singh delight us in their surprise cameos.

A single watch of De De Pyaar De wouldn't disappoint!

P.S. There's a strong hint of a sequel, so keep rooting for that!

Ajay Devgn Akiv Ali De De Pyaar De Rakul Preet. Tabu

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