Deepika Padukone is a dosa Ranveer Singh would love to eat!

Fans often go to unheard of eccentricities to show their love for their favourite hero. While many end up being the creepy type, there’s at least one in a restaurant in Austin, Texas, who caught the attention of their star in a good way. Deepika Padukone is more than just a Bollywood star in that restaurant. In fact, she is now the name of a dosa. A fan posted the picture of the menu on Twitter, and it describes the platter as “topped with fiery ghost chilli and stuffed with our potato mix.” Deepika's culinary attachment doesn't end there. The star even has a paratha thali named after her!

The post was shared by a fan page to which Deepika replied. The actress joked that it was a great way to begin the new year. The mention of his wife’s name on a restaurant menu didn’t escape the attention of Ranveer Singh, whose film Simmba is currently running in the theatres now. Reacting to the post, Ranveer commented that he’d eat that dish. Currently, Ranveer and Deepika are in the US for their honeymoon. With the new year coinciding with their honeymoon, fans are early awaiting pictures from the new couples’ trip.


As for the paratha thali, that's located closer to home at Pune. It is not known what the restaurant is called, but it does serve Deepika Padukone Parantha Thali, Sachin Tendulkar Parantha Thali, Sunny Deol Parantha thali, Yo Yo Honey Singh Parantha Thali, among others.

DeepVeer, as the couple is popularly known, got married on November 14 at a villa in Lake Como, Italy. The couple had been dating for six years before their wedding.

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