Deepika Padukone tweets after HUGE FIRE at her apartments; fans can heave a sigh of relief

The second half of Wednesday started off on a shocking note as we witnessed the massive fire that engulfed the top floors of BeauMonde Towers in Prabhadevi. The building is residence to Deepika Padukone and the actress also has an office there. Amidst the concern of the fans, the actress has now tweeted that she is safe.

She took to Twitter to inform everyone and also implored them to pray for everyone who is stuck at the site, including the rescuers.

Well, we are certainly glad that the actress is safe. She resides on the 24th floor of the building.

While the cause of the fire is not known as of now, ANI reported that it started on the 32nd floor and then spread to the 33rd floor as well. Currently, firefighters are striving to get the fire under control while 90-95 people have been rescued. Fortunately, there have been no casualties so far.

The intensity of the fire is such that nearly six fire engines and five jumbo tankers have been deployed to keep the damage under control. The staff of Mumbai Police is also helping at the scene.

This huge fire comes six months after the fatal fire at Kamala Mills.

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