Exclusive: Rakhi Sawant on Pakistan flag controversy, let Modiji put me in jail

Controversy’s favourite child, Rakhi Sawant is back to doing what she does and has stirred up a story, yet again. Recently, Rakhi made heads turn when pictures of her posing with Pakistan flag on her went viral on social media. The item girl has been part of many controversies but the recent one has got her trolled from fans on social media. From being called a traitor to being called a Pakistan lover, Rakhi Sawant was trolled mercilessly by people on social media. In her defence, Rakhi Sawant has stated that she doesn’t care what people think of her and if Modiji feels she’s wrong, he can put her behind bars.

We got in touch with Rakhi Sawant on the ongoing Pakistani flag controversy and looks like Rakhi is in no mood to give any weightage to the social media trolls. “Kyun objection liya? (Why did they object it) Why did they not object release of Bajrangi Bhaijaan? A Pakistani guy helps an Indian guy in the film. This is my problem that I have uploaded the video on my Instagram. Those who are interested will see, others will just ignore it. If anyone wants to take any objection, Modiji will take objection and if he feels he will put me in jail. I am not the first actor to essay Pakistani character on screen or has held a Pakistani flag.”


“The film’s name is Dhara 370 and the film’s story is based on Kashmir issues and is a beautiful love story. The film depicts the hardships the locals face, the women go through and how small kids on the name of jihad are pushed into difficult situations and they end up being terrorists. There’s Hiten Tejwani in the film who plays an Indian character and how he falls for a Pakistani girl and the drama unfolds. I play a Pakistani girl and why should we say or portray anyone’s flag in the wrong way? When they don’t say or show our flag in the wrong way then why should we? We don’t show or say anything wrong about American or Russian flags they why should we say anything wrong against Pakistani flag? We have an issue with terrorism, terrorists. In the film, I play a Pakistani girl who helps little children flee from a terror camp and in one of the scenes a flag flies and lands on me while I am doing my belly dance” she added.

Rakhi also posted a video form the sets of her film Dhara 370 where she is seen dancing on the song.


“Who are these people to take objection on my picture? People won’t let you live, I am part of this film where I am playing a Pakistani character and that doesn’t mean I am a Pakistani and I have got Pakistani passport and that’s my character. We should be a better human being first then Indian or Pakistanis. I am against terrorism, terrorists and jihadis. I am not against any country. I really felt bad doing the scene with Pakistani flag because mai pure Indian hu (sic). I love my country and I love my flag. But we have to respect all the flags.”

"In today’s time, if I put Indian tricolour on my face, it will be a very big controversy. People will say Rakhi has put Ashok chakra on her face and that she has insulted the Indian flag. But I have put a Pakistani flag, what is the problem? I am just doing my film’s publicity on Instagram which everyone does. I want people to create controversy. They did the same with Padmaavat."


Here have a look at some bizarre statements and incidents from Rakhi Sawant which only she could understand.

Rakhi Sawant- Mika Singh Kiss:

While Rakhi is Queen of controversies, Mika is King. Back in 2006, Mika landed in trouble after she filed a complaint against him when the singer allegedly kissed her without her permission.

Rakhi’s comment on Aamir Khan willing to work with Sunny Leone:

While Sunny Leone was facing backlash from Bollywood, Aamir came forward to lend his support to Sunny. But Rakhi went ahead to take his case as well. "Suno ek aur good news hai mere paas. Rakhi Sawant bahut jaldi porn star banne jaane wali hai. I want to become a pornstar."

Rakhi Sawant to Kangana Ranaut:

Rakhi didn't spare Queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut herself. "If Kangana is so publicity hungry, she should have kissed Mika for the song and become famous."

Rakhi Sawant reacts to Salman Khan's 'raped woman' controversy:

While the who's who of Bollywood came out in support of Salman Khan, Rakhi went an extra mile for Bhai. "Mujhe nahi lagta Salman Khan ne yeh baat boli hai. I promise you that Salman Khan ne yeh baat nahi boli hai.Salman Khan ne sirf lip movement ki hai aur unki baaton pe kisi ne dubbing ki hai. Salman Khan ki awaaz nikaalne waale bahut saare log hain, mimicry artist bahut saare log hain. I promise you, Salman Khan logon ko pyaar dete hain, woh ek mahila ke khilaaf aise kaise bol sakte hain."

Love her or hate her, you simply can't ignore Rakhi Sawant.

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