Farhan Akhtar's MARD short film a copy of his work, claims Kolkata based writer

Remember SHE, a short film presented by Farhan Akhtar's social campaign MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination)? Released online in November 2018, the film directed by Ranjeet Kaur and written by Iqbal Raj, the film revolves around the daily plights of women and how a man dresses up like a woman to know how life as a woman is. Needless to say, he ends up being devastated. The film was received well across all corners. However, a Kolkata-based writer has now claimed that the script is a copy of his story 'Chaddabeshi' (Disguised) which he put up 74 days before his short film released. The allegation comes from a woman named Devleena Samanta who seems to have spoken on behalf of the original writer Pritam Guha.

We spotted the comment on a recent Instagram post by Farhan wherein he is seen posing with girlfriend Shibani Dandekar and friends. The accuser, who gives a detailed timeline as well, has demanded the short film be removed within 15 days failing which he would have to take other actions. He also asks for an apology on Twitter. "It is my humble request to you that within fifteen days please delete this short film from your YouTube Channel and post an apology in Twitter for me as well as the public. But after fifteen days if you don't take any action then I have to do something that might hurt the honour that you as a respectable man hold in the society and media," he writes, claiming that SHE writer Iqbal Raj was the one who stole his short story.




In the comment, a Facebook link to the original story is also provided. We are yet to see a response from Farhan or team MARD.


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