Feet Up With The Stars: Back to when KJo was bullied

Voot recently launched its much-awaited original Feet Up With The Stars, a 10 episode entertainment chat show that sees fashion designer and celebrity stylist Anaita Shroff getting into an intimate interaction with popular B-Town celebs. The show kicked off recently with Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar, and you can’t miss out on his candid revelations about parenthood, love-life and his other hush-hush secrets.


The episode commenced with Karan sharing about his ragging experience back in his college days when four of his classmates introduced him to the word f*** for the first time as ‘sweet’. That’s not all. Here’s something more uproarious:

“They were like, ‘You know what a bl**j** is? Just take off all your clothes, lie down on your bed with the fan on full speed’. I was like if that’s what it is, then I do it every day. And then they were like ‘Oh then you should definitely tell people that you have had 3-4 blowjobs’,” he shared.


The hilarious environment quickly switched to a heartwarming one when he went on to express how it feels to be a father and how the ‘dadhood’ chapter in life has changed him.

“My real feeling is that it began with shock, that oh my God, I have children. Like just to say ‘my son’ or ‘my daughter’, it took me a few months just to get used to that term”, he said. “And then from the 10th or the 11th month of their birthdays, the love started developing. I remember the first time I was leaving them when I was going to London on a work trip and I remember getting all teary eyed saying bye. And I felt oh my God, this is what parental love is.”


When asked if he has ever changed his babies’ diapers, he replied as saying, “No. I am completely clumsy and can’t even tie my own shoe laces. I think I will give them a diaper rash if I sit and make them wear diapers,” he laughed.

He then went ahead to comment on his dating life and revealed, “It’s on and off, I don’t do serious dating. There are some situations that kind of allow you to venture into an intimate zone.”

Well, that’s all for now. Tune in to Voot for more shocking revelations by KJo and juicier gossip!

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