Go Goa Gone 2: Saif Ali Khan to tussle with the aliens this time

Go Goa Gone is one of the most interesting films Saif Ali Khan has done so far.  You would like to agree with us here.  We loved him as Boris and were waiting for him to come back! That is finally happening since a second edition is set to travel to the floors. But there's a twist!

Producer Dinesh Vijan, while promoting his upcoming production venture Stree, was quizzed about the development of Go Goa Gone 2. He divulged some interesting details!

"They are just finishing the script. There's Saif. He's got an author-based role. Very strong. We all remember him as Boris. This time the film travels to Manali. So it's called Go Goa Gone 2- Babaji Ki Booty.  And it's got aliens, not zombies," he said.

Now that sounds interesting! After an adventurous encounter with the zombies, Boris and team are now set to face the aliens!

Not many a Hindi films deal with aliens. Hrithik Roshan's Koi Mil Gaya, thanks to the presence of Jadoo, became immensely popular. Let's see what Go Goa Gone 2 brings in for us!

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